I’m a new knitter. Can I use alpaca?

Yarn is yarn.  Yes, you can use alpaca if you are a new knitter.  Just take your time.  Like any project, it’s just one stitch at a time.  

How do I care for alpaca garments made from your yarn?

Alpaca, like any protein fiber such as wool, Does felt.  So we recommend you hand wash - gently- anything made with our yarns.  Cool water, avoid agitation with a small amount of shampoo.  (Yes - regular human shampoo).  Rinse with cool water & a little hair conditinner.  Gently press out excess water & lay flat to dry.  If washing larger items, use care not to lift a heavy wet item without support, as it will stretch. 

I hear alpaca stretches. Is this a problem?

Yes.  Alpaca does stretch.  It does not have memory like wool does.  This can be compensated by using patterns that use a lot of cables, or use smaller needles and know it will stretch and use that to your advantage.  Patterns that are worked sideways are perfect for using alpaca yarns. 

What can I do with alpaca yarn?

You can use alpaca yarn for anything you use wool yarn for.  The sky is the limit!

Do you have a question for us?

Do you have an alpaca fiber question for us?  If so, email us.  We may answer it on our FAQ page.  We always answer our emails, so at the very least you will get an answer via return email.